Sandra Lowrie, CMTPT, has been a Certified Myofascial TriggerPoint Therapist practicing in Anchorage since 2007. Muscular rehabilitation is something she has been passionate about since a young age and a subject that continues to fuel her curious and investigative nature. Knowing that each and every patient will receive advanced care and exceptional service in a positive and supportive environment, she is excited to join the Vitae Integrative Medical Center team.

Balancing her focus on the ‘how-and-why’ a person is in pain – along with how to get and keep them out of pain – is essential to Sandra’s practice. Thorough, compassionate, and individually tailored care has been the key to her success with pain management. Having experience with prenatal bodywork, cancer patients, athletes, as well as those with emotional or physical trauma, makes Sandra a well-rounded therapist.

Sandra earned her massage therapist training through the Alaska Career College in 2007, progressing to her training as a Myofascial TriggerPoint Therapist through Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction with the American Institute for Myofascial Studies in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since then, she has had training in CranioSacral I and II, Corrective Biomechanics, Prenatal Massage, Massage for People Living with Cancer, and Scar Tissue Mobilization for Post-Mastectomy and Radiation Treatment, to name a few.