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Christine is incredibly gifted in medicine. She identifies the root cause when no one else can.

– Josie Davison-Wilson

Christine has been our primary health care provider for the past 6 years. She is extremely knowledgeable, and stays on the cutting edge through continual study and professional development. We feel that our health care under Christine is like a partnership between doctor and patient, and that we have joint responsibility for the outcome.

We feel that we can talk to Christine about anything; she is very open minded, and employs conventional medicine, alternative medicine, or both depending on what she believes will work best for a given condition. She has successfully tackled numerous issues that were previously unrecognized or untreated, and she does not hesitate to provide excellent referrals whenever specialized help is called for.

– Trevor and Sally Bremner

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C 10 years ago. It wasn’t until I met Christine Sagan in her office last year that I final felt comfortable asking a medical provider for help. Christine gave me the support and education I need. She informed me about the latest treatment options, referred me, and helped me get the labs ready I needed to start seeing a specialist. Christine’s care and support empowered me to start and continue with treatment. It worked and I am now cured from the virus! As a result also of her educational influence, I am finally living the lifestyle I’ve always wanted.

– Anonymous