Our mission is to provide high-quality, patient-centered care that addresses root causes and allows patients to thrive.
We will be an efficient, effective, caring, peaceful clinic, where our patients’ health is the bottom line.


Providing high-quality, holistic, life-changing health care for chronic health conditions and avoiding hospitalization.
Improving lifespan and healthspan so people can age disease-free and live productive, healthy lives throughout Alaska.



Our practice is based on the following core principles

  • We help each of our patients reach their highest health potential and thus truly thrive.
  • We offer evidence-based, innovative and collaborative patient-centered care.
  • We focus on prevention of disease rather than symptom management alone.
  • We focus on patient education, which will thus increase compliance and yield better outcomes.
  • We encourage healthy lifestyles to prevent and manage chronic disease.
  • We offer longer patient visits, allowing us to address multiple – often interrelated – concerns during one office visit. This helps to decrease cost for the patient while also enabling a better holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment, thus increasing patient satisfaction.


We think it’s important to be part of something bigger than yourself.

There are many amazing organizations that are doing great things to improve our world.
We wanted to highlight a few we support. We want to encourage others to volunteer, be aware, donate or do whatever
it takes to increase compassion to others in our world. It’s good for our health!

1-Salvation Army

Salvation Army

A national and local organization with a heart for meeting physical and spiritual needs. Locally, they run: the only family homeless shelter; ‘Meals on Wheels’ to provide food for seniors and disabled; Clithroe detox center; after-school programs; and classes and camps for children in need. The vast majority of the donations go directly to the programs. www.salvationarmyalaska.org


Priceless: Walking with victims of sex trafficking in Alaska

This is a new non- profit organization with a bold mission. It is more prevalent problem than we think. There are a lot of ways to get involved to help these women and families. www.facebook.com/pricelessAK


Alaska Sudan Medical Project

Started by local Dr. Jack Hickel, this project is a grass-roots, volunteer effort that works in one of the most remote, impoverished regions of the world in South Sudan. Through their mission of “saving lives through health, water and agriculture,” they bring new hope and health to a forgotten people. www.alaskasudan.org


Free Burma Rangers

I spent a month traveling in Burma in 2001. It was the most amazing thing I have done and one of my favorite countries. I have a big piece of my heart for the people in this country. I met the founder of this organization last year on a hike on here in the Chugach Range. Dave Eubank loves Alaska and regularly visits. He has befriended many people and Dr. Arnold hosts races throughout the year to fundraise support for Free Burma Rangers. If you ever visit northern Thailand he opens his home to visitors, and there are many volunteer opportunities to support this mission. www.freeburmarangers.org