GROUP VISITS / 4:30-5:30 PM


• These visits tackle a specific topic in a group setting.
• Visits can be billed to your insurance.

Fertility Planning
Wednesdays, May 8 & 15

Spring is in the air! It is a fertile time of proliferation, growth and vitality, and it may have you pondering your own fertility. Like the natural rhythms of nature, our bodies have internal rhythms and cycles which provide the framework for hormone balance. Hormone production can be disrupted by our environment, lifestyle, toxin exposure and diet. Dr. Wiggins will provide useful information to support hormone health and fertility. Whether you’ve been planning to add to your family for some time, or are just recently considering the possibility, join Dr. Wiggins for this opportunity to learn how to optimize your fertility.

Brain Booster
Tuesdays, June 4, 11 & 18

The brain is one of the most complex and vital organs of the body, and this series will help you learn tools to revitalize your brain. While this series is not condition- specific and would be useful for anyone interested in boosting brain health, it is highly recommended for individuals suffering from brain fog, difficulty with concentration and focus, ADHD, anxiety and depression, and memory impairment. Dr. Wiggins will guide you through specific nutritional interventions to optimize neurologic health, as well lifestyle modifications that can support cognitive function. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your brain!

PMS and Women’s Hormones
Thursdays June 6 & 13

With all of the amazing technological advances of our era come exposure to numerous toxic substances. Many of these substances can cause disruption to our endocrine (hormone) system. This can lead to hormone imbalance, and complaints like PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, cycle irregularities, menopausal complaints and predisposition to cancer. In this series, Dr. Wiggins will provide in depth guidance geared toward optimizing your hormone health and alleviating challenging hormonal symptoms.




• Workshops are $20.
• Please call 907.929.2222 to register. Space is limited.

Family Medicine Classes

VITAE is proud to announce that Dr. Wiggins will be offering Family Medicine Classes beginning this Spring! These classes are open to parents and children ages 10 and up (one parent per child is required to be present). Classes are $20 per participant, or $30 for a parent and child combo. Space is limited; call 929-2222 for registration and to secure your spot. Since there are materials required for these classes, we ask that you call a week in advance to ensure adequate supplies are on hand for all participants. We will accommodate late registration if we are able.

Elderberry Syrup Making Class
Tuesday, April 23

Elderberry is an antiviral powerhouse, packed with antioxidants and flavinoids. It is immune modulating, rather than stimulating, and therefore may be taken for several months during the cold and flu season, at the onset of the school year, during travel, etc. Join Dr. Wiggins for a family- friendly medicine making class where you will learn about the unique components of elderberries and how to make elderberry syrup. You will go home with a bottle of your own organic elderberry syrup, and the knowledge to make it in your own home.

Boo Boo Salve
Tuesday, April 30

Alaska’s long summers mean extra time for playing outside and enjoying the great outdoors. Anyone with children knows that a day of outside play often comes with a cut, scratch, scrape, or bug bite. Join Dr. Wiggins for a class on how to create your own salve to soothe these minor skin ailments, and promote natural healing – without processed chemicals or toxins. You will go home with a salve of your own.

Herbal Bath Sachet and Soak for Sore Bodies
Tuesday, May 7

Whether you’ve earned your aches and pains from a long day of play, or a day at the office, there’s nothing quite like a warm bath to soothe sore muscles. Herbal bath sachets contain relaxing herbal aromas and properties to help rejuvenate your body in a healthy and natural way. Join Dr. Wiggins for this class where you’ll learn how to make bath sachets for yourself and loved ones. You will go home with a bath sachet and soak to use at home.

Teen Skin Cleansing
Tuesday, May 14

Hormone changes in the teen years often result in acne breakouts for teenagers. Using natural, chemical-free products, can promote clean and healthy skin, while reducing the frequency and intensity of breakouts. Join Dr. Wiggins in this class where we will make cleansers for teen skin. You will go home with cleansers to use at home.