At Vitae Integrative Medical Center, we’re pioneering a transformative approach to health and wellness. Our unique membership model offers a refreshing alternative to the complexities and uncertainties of traditional insurance billing. Designed with your health and peace of mind at the forefront, our model simplifies access to quality care, making it more personal, predictable, and empowering.

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Step into a world of healthcare that values your time, prioritizes your well-being, and simplifies your journey to optimal health. With our membership model, we’re not just your healthcare provider; we’re your partner in health.

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How It Works

Direct Healthcare Access: Our membership model operates on a direct fee-for-service basis. This means that instead of navigating the often confusing and restrictive world of insurance billing, you pay a straightforward monthly fee for a suite of comprehensive healthcare services.

Predictable Costs: With our model, you’ll enjoy the clarity and predictability of fixed monthly fees. Say goodbye to unexpected bills, confusing co-pays, and the hassle of dealing with insurance claims.

Tailored Health Services: Your membership grants you access to a range of personalized health services, including extended appointment times, priority scheduling, and exclusive wellness programs. We focus on preventive care and holistic treatment plans, tailored to your individual health needs and goals.

Transparent Healthcare Journey: We believe in transparent, direct communication between you and your healthcare provider. This model fosters a stronger patient-provider relationship, ensuring that your health journey is guided by trust and mutual understanding.

Who Is It For?

Our membership model is ideal for those who seek:

  • A more personalized healthcare experience.
  • Transparent and predictable healthcare costs.
  • Comprehensive access to a range of wellness services.
  • An alternative to the complexities of insurance-based billing( high deductibles, poor coverage, non-coverage, insurances not in-network, alternative to Medicare)

Membership Details

Membership Option Platinum Gold Bronze
Monthly Cost $500 $300 $170
Annual Cost $5400 $3420 $2040
Priority Scheduling & Portal Response Yes Yes Yes
Annual Exam 1 1 1
Vitality Lab Panel 1 1 1
Discounted Labs Yes Yes Yes
Free Vitality Club Membership Yes Yes Yes
Appointments/Year Up to 12 Up to 6 One 6-Month Check in
Extended Appointment Time (Platinum Only) Yes
Hormone Pellets Included Yes 50% Off
Acute Care Visits Yes Yes 1
Dependent Addition Yes (Additional Fee) Yes (Additional Fee) No
Dedicated Support Staff Yes Yes Yes
Telemedicine Yes Yes Yes
Free Wellness Classes Yes Yes Yes
EmSculpt Neo Discount 30% 20% 10%
Daxxify/Botox Discount 30% 20% 10%
Acupuncture Add-On Additional Low Monthly Cost Additional Low Monthly Cost Free (1 visit)


Why Should I Consider Membership?

A: Our membership model is tailored for those who prioritize a personalized, proactive approach to health and wellness. By choosing our membership, you benefit from:

  • Predictable Healthcare Costs: A fixed monthly fee eliminates surprise costs, allowing for better healthcare budgeting.
  • Personalized Care: Enjoy more comprehensive, individualized attention from healthcare providers.
  • Enhanced Access: Benefit from priority scheduling, extended appointment times, and direct access to your healthcare team.
  • Holistic Health Focus: We go beyond treating symptoms, emphasizing preventive care and overall wellness for long-term health improvements.

What If I Have Insurance; Can I Still Do Membership?

A: Yes, our membership model can complement your existing insurance. While insurance is essential for unforeseen illnesses and major health issues, our membership focuses on areas often overlooked by insurance, such as proactive care and wellness, offering a comprehensive approach to your health. It provides needed access especially for poor coverage or high deductibles. When you become a member our office will not be billing your insurance. Your insurance can still be used for any out of office related orders/referrals.

Why Should I Invest Time and Money in My Health?

A: Investing in your health is one of the most important decisions you can make. Here are some key outcomes of this investment:

  • Better Prevention and Early Detection: Regular health monitoring and preventive care lead to early detection of potential health issues, often resulting in simpler and more effective treatments. It also allows time to do a deep dive into specific concerns.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: Investing in your health now can significantly reduce the risk of expensive medical treatments in the future.
  • Improved Overall Well-being: A health-focused lifestyle leads to enhanced physical and mental well-being, including higher energy levels, better mood, and improved cognitive function.
  • Empowerment and Peace of Mind: Being proactive about your health provides a sense of control and reassurance, knowing that you are taking essential steps to maintain and improve your health.

How does the membership model contribute to my healing process?

A: One of the most significant advantages of our membership model is the cultivation of a strong, therapeutic relationship between you and your healthcare provider. Unlike typical appointments, our membership allows for:

  • Extended Interaction: More time during each visit means you and your provider can delve deeper into your health concerns, preferences, and goals.
  • Personalized Care: This additional time facilitates a more personalized approach to your care, where treatments and advice are tailored specifically to you.
  • Consistent Support: Regular and longer interactions foster a sense of familiarity and trust, crucial elements in any healing process.
  • Holistic Understanding: With a better understanding of your overall health and lifestyle, your provider can offer more holistic and effective treatment plans.

This enhanced therapeutic relationship goes beyond mere medical transactions. It’s about building a partnership that deeply understands and supports your journey towards better health.